July 26, 2010

Word of the Day: Simplicity

Why is today's word of the day simplicity?

Well it goes along with balance. I am really learning that in order to balance my life I have to make it simple!! I need to make some thing a priority like mass and dishes. I used to and probably will again make excuses for why I can't make it to mass. Did I mention that sleep needs to be a priority too, lol, I love to hang out at night just being but I need to start going to bed at a deceit hour. The easiest excuse is it is not my season (I'm pregnant, my baby nurses all the time, I'm homeschooling etc). But if I make it a priority I will get to mass more days than I do not. If I make my days more simple and focus on my priorities then I will be able to accomplish more of my plan of life. Mary lived a simple life. She didn't need to run Jesus all of the place. I love to have fun and visit friends. I love to allow my children to have fun too I also need to teach them that the simple things in life are fun!! I am working on making my life holy, simple and balanced. I want to be sure to make my list daily and sanctify my the work. I need to continue to surrender daily. This is my goal for life. I fail often but I need to begin again every minute.

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