April 13, 2014

Easter Can Be Healthy

 Our family loves our family traditions - Easter brunch, baskets, egg hunts. We discovered we could still have a traditions, but make them healthy for our family. We decided to change things for the better this year.

Dried fruits in Easter Basket

What did we do?

We made our Easter Baskets and held an Easter egg hunt with healthy choices. And guess what? Our children loved the Easter Baskets and Easter egg fillings just as much as any other year!

How did we do it? 

We gave them mostly Dollar Tree toys and garden supplies. Yes, they also got treats. What did we add to their baskets? They got dried fruit, a few pieces of dark chocolate covered mango, a Larabar, and fruit leather. (Side note: My children love Larabars and they don't get them because they are too expensive.)  What about Easter eggs? We added stickers, coins (pennies, dimes and nickels), balloons, wrapped prunes, raisins, organic fruit snacks, and a few other toys.

This is what our children's Easter baskets looked like:

We did have a little more sweets in the house than normal, and I would have added a chocolate bunny except they got one from a family friend. We decided that we were not going to make the holiday about sweets, because they always stay around longer than we want. We really don't want the children eating sweets. The less there is in the house the better it is for everyone.
How did your family do this Easter? Add your comments below and let us know what you did!

April 2, 2014

He is So Cute........ ~Wordless Wednesday

When he is sleeping!!!

He is truly sleeping and so cute! 

Waking up but not fully awake and still cute.