March 29, 2014

'Tis the Irish Season

The children are a quarter Irish (on daddy's side.)

 Early on in our homeschool journey we found Irish Step Dancing. Adriana has been dancing for four year. 

James and his dance partner and friend, Greta
This is James' second year dancing.  
Most likely Thomas will begin dancing next year. It is a lot of fun and daddy dances around the house with them.

James and Thomas with some friends. 
This is our dance season. We have a number of shows thought the year but most come around St. Patrick's day. We had 6 shows in two and half weeks. On top of the shows we add extra Irish Step classes to get ready for the shows.

Monica, Greta and James
Last night was our last show. It was a great season.

As always thank you Kathy and the Irish Rhythm School.    

March 27, 2014

Funday Sunday!


The scenery on our hike

Sundays are sometimes like lent in our house.  Daddy works six days a week and we have one day to reconnect.  By the end of day Sundays Daddy is thinking about work again.  This is not enough time to reconnect never mind get much of anything done. 
When we have a Funday Sunday I get so excited.

Tree Tapping

This Sunday was a Funday Sunday.  We enjoyed leaning about maple sugaring at Sweet Water Sugar in Royalston Massachusetts.  James learned that you can use a machine to make (well heat) the sap from the tree.  The sap becomes maple syrup.  Thomas learned you can make maple syrup jelly with the maple syrup.  Adriana learned that you can make maple syrup soda!  She also learned all the steps like tapping the trees and heating the sap until it gets to a certain temperature becoming maple syrup.
Can you see the long line coming down the hill into the giant barrel.
(double click the picture to enlarge) 
From tapping to outdoor storage.

Filtering all the bad stuff and dirt out. 

Then heating to 190* and pouring off

Finally the pour the filtered syrup into jugs, Yummy! 

Mama loved the whole process.  The farm had a whole line of trees tapped and a huge bucket out side of the shed coming into the shed to heat up.  Watching the whole process was awesome.   

Adriana's eyes are smiling!  
Tasting the maple syrup! oh-ya

After the maple sugaring we went to the Quabbin for a family hike.  We enjoy Sunday family hikes.  We hiked to a shore where James, Thomas and daddy climbed a dead tree and Adriana through rocks into the water while Mama took picture.


It was a beautiful day ended with dinner and a rosary. 

Does your family have any Funday Sunday traditions!
James stepped into a puddle on our hike out of the Quabbin.  Their is something dramatic on every Funday trip. 
round button chicken