July 13, 2010

Surprise visits Everywhere today!!

Before going to Ms. Barbara's we made a quick surprise visit to the Dooley's to drop of a running stroller. It was a nice short visit because I really didn't even except for them to be home. Adriana god hugs from here Godparents, I got a hug from Issac, and smiles here had everywhere. We love our friends and can't wait for our next hang out with them!!!

After hanging out at the Wine's in the pool we decided to make a surprise visit to G-Nana's house. They live not far from them in Saugus and it would have been sad to be in the same town with a little time left in the day and not stopped in to at least say "hello." It is always nice to make a short visit to family!!! G-Nana and Auntie Denise always love to see the children and while we were there we were surprised by a visit from Cousin Sarah!!! I will say the best part of the visit was the RECHARGE, it totally aloud me to drive home without getting sleepy!!

Cousin Sarah enjoying she short visit with the children!

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