July 5, 2010

Michael Getting Down in Buffalo

During our trip to Buffalo Michael found many ways to relax (I mean do work!!) He spent a few hours on Saturday just sitting on the couch chatting with my grandad working then Sunday (4th of July) he sat outside the car working. For anyone who doesn't know Buffalo it is a big city and as a white boy you could easily find yourself on the wrong side of the tracks. Well my grandad lives on that side of the tracks so that is where Michael finds himself everytime we go!! While out side someone was blasting there R&B music and this is how Michael responded:

(Sorry it is side ways!! I'll never learn)
I could not resist taking this video. You can hear the music faintly in the background! Hope you enjoy!! Glad I married a man who isn't afraid to be on the wrong side of the tracks!!! and even enjoying the ride!!

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