September 29, 2010

Happy Feast Day to my boys

Today is the Feast of the Archangels

All three boys are named with an archangel. Happy Feast Day Michael, James Raphael, and Thomas Gabriel!!!

September 24, 2010

Wakeful Thomas

Day 5 - Thomas awake for a few hours at one time!

September 22, 2010

Tire City - Wordless Wednesday

We have 8 random tires in our backyard. Mechanic's home. The children decided to line them up and play with them today!! Fun!!!

September 14, 2010

Funny Favorite Hat

Wordless Wednesday

James and his propeller hat. He had to wear it!!!

September 13, 2010

Groundhog Day

Every day until this baby comes will be my Groundhog Day!!!

Have you ever felt this way. Today it is official. I feel like I keep waking up and excepting to have a baby and no baby!!! What do I have to do to get it right!!! HELP!!!!!!

It doesn't help that James is still "Peto!!"

September 12, 2010

Movie Night: Cars

Cars the Movie: One thumb up!

It is a fairly harmless movie but I really hate the innuendos used. Why is adult comedy used in children's movies?!?! Yes it went over our children's heads but I hate thinking about it. My husband viewed this movie so I was watching it for the first time with the children. With that in mind the beginning was disappointing to me and I thought I would hate the movie because of all the pride!!! Lighting McQueen did learn in the end that winning was not everything. It turned out positive and I do recommend this movie beginning prepared to talk about pride and it's negative effects. I was surprised that even Adriana enjoyed this movie and it was entertaining for all. It may be found in our movie catalog some day. Another Disney movie I hate to say we enjoyed.

Just a reminder of the Us Bishops Rating:
The USCCB Office for Film & Broadcasting classification is A-I -- general patronage.

Murphy Invasion

James has decided that he is Peto Murphy (aka Peter Murphy). If he is Peto the rest of us in the family must be Murphy's too. Mama you are Murphy, Ma Murphy (aka Peg Murphy), Daddy you Joey, Martha downstairs (this morning). although sometime Nana is Maggie. Daddy is just wondering why mama gets to be Ma Murphy and he as to be the youngest Murphy in the family?!! Sorry of all the other Murphy's not named we just don't have that many people in our family or I think he would have gone do the list of you! I guess you can say James knows his God family intimately! :)

In fact if you call James, James, he says "I Peto!" If you don't hear him he will say "I AM Peto!"

Yes it seems we have adopted a cat!! The cat walked in when Michael took out the trash. He/she likes our house and proved him/herself yesterday when he/she killed a mole or mouse!! I have seen less of the mouse since the cat has occasionally come into the house. James saw it first the cat with the mouse, wow!! The cat is killing a mouse. Everyone ran outside and found James was not joking!!! Don't worry Rebecca if we do adopt it it will be an outdoor cat!

September 11, 2010

Clinton Olde Home Days

Family Fun at Clinton Olde Home Days

Another day of trying to get my mind off of not yet having a baby and walking this baby out!!! We love Clinton Olde Home Days and have gone every year for the past 3 or 4 years! I will say I'm glad we didn't miss it this year. We usually go in the mid morning but I had tons to do at home before we left so we go there just in time to see the second puppet show.

A local man, John McDonough, does really fun puppet shows. He makes his puppets! We usually see him several times in the summer but this was our first show this year! He does different shows but today we saw The Lion and the Mouse and Baby Gaga dancing!!!

They are so attentive at the puppet show

Baby Gaga got up and danced with all the children! He always has a large puppet dancing it is really fun!

Train Ride around the park!!

This year they had a new train. It is one of the things we have to do when we come to Olde Home Days!! Not to mention James and Adriana love trains!

They were able to choose one other ride to go on. They choose this active bouncy house although Adriana was not impressed, too many children bouncing around, hhuuummmmm! She also didn't like that she was in charge of James. She was crying when she got out because she could make James climb up the wall. What a sweet big sister. He appeared seconds later!! He enjoyed the adventure!

Animal Adventure

Animal Adventure seems to be a really fun local animal education center. We meet the couple that runs it several years ago and wanted to go ever since. Adriana would probably enjoy it but it really isn't a girly place so I have been waiting for James for get a little bigger to invite some of his little friends. We have a way to go! It is pretty neat because Ed rescues animals. They told us he has 15 crocodiles and 3 alligators or vice versa!! All rescued!!! Check out his website here.

Adriana and Princess Aurora

Adriana really wanted to see all the characters but only saw a few. She was really disappointed that she missed Moo-Moo the Davis Farmland cow!!! I don't know why she loves that cow!
It was a fun afternoon and I was completely exhausted but the end of the day. There are tons of vendors and local businesses but it is not too big, I guess that is why I love going!! Finally we went home for dinner popcorn and a movie!!

Hearts, Flowers, Bees, and Butterflies

Adriana made Mama this beautiful picture. In the picture is hearts which is has just learned to make, flowers and butterflies which I didn't know she know how to make and one bee in the center left. She is becoming quite a little artist!!

Remeber the Tragedy of 9/11

I was reminded yesterday of how much 9/11 really effected my life!

I bet you like me remember where you were at the exact moment the first plane hit or when you heard the news!! I remember watching the second plane hit and being in complete shock!!! What in the world just happened!! And the news just continued to get worse. It was completely emotional for me especially being an Air Force veteran. I could hear the call to duty for many o my friends! Maybe the only reason I'm having the emotions again is I'm pregnant but WOW I literally cried when I heard audio of the second plane hitting!!!

Let us not forgot all who died on 9/11/01 and the days after. Thank you to all the rescue works who died and risked the lives in the days that followed!!! I special pray for all the victims and rescue works today!!

Mary, Mother of God, Patron of Our Country ....... Pray for US!!!

September 10, 2010

Love is St Benedict Abbey

Why is love the St. Benedict Abbey

Tonight I could not decide what in the world we were going to have for dinner. I was exhausted, couldn't really think, and I have lost all ability of doing day to day activities, you have to love post date pregnancy! Daddy was working at St. Ann's House (next door neighbors to the abbey) so why not drive up to the abbey and have dinner. This is why the abbey is love, where else can you invite yourself to dinner? Then after dinner have an enjoyable conversation with a Benedictine monk (great priest). Then the next day attend mass, confession, and receive a baby blessing from another great priest!!! Thanks to Fr. James for a fun filled conversation and Thanks for Fr. Marc for another baby blessing!! This is why the abbey is love and WE LOVE the ABBEY!!!!!

The beautiful sun set we saw from the Abbey parking lot. James fell asleep so Adriana and I decided to pray our rosary while we waited for daddy.

Adriana getting ready to go into the Abbey for dinner!

September 9, 2010

Dexter Drumlin Hilly Walk - Labor?

This afternoon the children and I went for a hilly walk up and down the Dexter Drumlin. We walked up the hill and down the other side, back up the hill and down the other side around the trail then up the hill one more time for the finally roll down the hill. Yes, I said roll down the hill, the children need something to look forward to when we are out walking and hiking. The roll down the hill was what they looked forward. It was a fun walk seeing signs of fall, trees with hanging branches and pretty grass patches!!

Adriana used to complain while on walks and hikes. I'm so glad she is getting much better at not complaining. The past three hikes/walks we have been on she wasn't complained once!! We really do enjoy family walks/hikes!

The hill that we walked!! The spot in the first picture is Adriana running up the hill. Adriana walking down the hill to meet James and I.

Mama and James pausing as we walked up the hill.

James running down the other side of the hill!

At the bottom of the hill!

Adriana and James rolling down the hill! The video is very funny!! Rolling is fun!

Hay a sign of fall.

I loved the look of this tree. I love trees when there branches hang down!