July 17, 2010

What a Crazy Week

This was an amazingly crazy week

Adriana started swimming lessons that started Monday and we had them everyday even though we missed Friday!

Monday was filled with laundry, laundry, everywhere there was laundry!!!

Tuesday was a summer fun day. We first stopped to drop off a running stroller at our good friend the Dooley's house. Leaving the Dooley's after a short visit we went to Ms. Barbara's house with lunch and a pool party!! Finally stopping at G-Nana's for another short visit and RECHARGE!!!

Wednesday we went to visit a new friend (just met) Ron and Gerry Goguen and thier family. We met daddy there he was working on the Goguen's Team CF Cycling van. Adriana and their daughter Mary loved playing together! Team CF cycles for a cure to cystic fibrosis. What a great cause and a great family. Glad to have met them!!

Thursday we went to a Princess Tea party after doing more laundry and then to visit our friends the Kelly's for a play date. After dinner Mama dropped the children off at the Murphy's so she could go and get Recollected at an Evening of Recollection. It was an amazing night!!!

Friday was the fullest day of all. We woke up so Mama could make lunches and get ready for our trip to Boston. We planned to go on the Boston for a Boston Harbor Cruise to George's Island!! After a long train ride with three changes of train we got to the tours to find they were all filled. It was okay because we quickly changed our plan, we went to the wharf had a snack, we walked to Quincy Market and Fanuiel Hall, walked up to the State house, picnicked in the Boston Common and then went to the Public Garden on the Swan Boats. After our train ride back to our car we went to a second picnic with our Le Leche League friends. We went swimming and ate yummy pot luck food.

Saturday was a little more relaxing with some weeding and a short swim at Spec Pond!!!

Sunday I went to mass by myself so I could stay home and clean. I get so much cleaning done when the children are not at home!!!! Weeding the garden, home school prep, and another short swim only this time we went as a family to Sterling Beach!!! We hang out there with the Kelly Family. After we get home I went out to eat with my good friend Anne!! A great day and week. Bed sounds so good!

What is my thought about all of this craziness? Well my thought is what I got out of the Evening of Recollection. I love to be active and keep my children going too. Unfortunately that is not always best for us. I need to start living a plan of life. I was reminded of this again at the Evening of Recollection on Thursday night. I was also reminded about putting yourself into the gospel as you read it and to be a virtious person. I was very much reminded that our Lord wants us to pray no matter what season of our life we are in. I am pregnant and it is not easy to pray but it is a challenge I have and must preserve over all other temptations to pray. We need to fight being routine Christians and live a Christian life.

I truly love going to our Evenings of Recollection. They are every third Thursday at 7:15 p.m. Confessions start 6:45 p.m. Hope to see you there!!!

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