July 16, 2010

Day Trip to Boston

We headed out this morning to meet Auntie Jacci, Brendan, and Averi to go George's Island for our first Fun Free Friday!! But by the time we got there all the tickets were gone and we were to late to meet the family. We luckily got free tickets to come back, hooray!! And we make the best of our day. The children were so well behaved that it was hard not to let them do everything they wanted!!! When we first got there we sat at the end of the wharf under a pavilion (Adriana wanted shade and I wanted to see the boats great comprise) and eat snacks. I planned out our day in my head.

Train ride into Boston!!
First stop Faneuil Hall!!! Great for homeschooling, did you know that Faneuil Hall Market has been a market place since the 1740's?!?!
Out side of Faneuil Hall is a giant noodle. It was was to cool not to take a picture of it!!!

One of my favorite things about Faneuil Hall is that there is always entertainment outside Quincy Market!! This was a Baptist Chorus. We watched them sing to songs.

Adriana and James outside of Quincy Market! Quincy Market is located right behind Faneuil Hall, click on here for some Quincy Market history.

Across the street from Faneuil Hall click here for more history about Faneuil Hall.

From Faneuil Hall we walked to the Boston State House on Beacon Street. We did pass Boston City Hall and I was sure to point that out to Adriana but is a little to young to talk teach much about city hall and the state house so I did not go into political details. It was just fun to go and see it!!

Finally we are at the Boston Common and getting ready to have our picnic lunch!!! It was very sunny and Adriana had to cover her eyes from the sun!

After our picnic lunch Adriana wanted to have her picture taken at this lamp post. Of course James needed to join in on the action. Random pictures!

If you go the the Boston Common you have to spend at least 5 minutes playing at the park. They even have sprinklers!

I remember loving the Frog Pond at the Boston Common when I was young but I was afraid to let my children even put there feet in it. We opted for the Frog Pond Carousel instead. I mean the water was BROWN!!! It is a waiting pool, yuck!

The Frog Pond Carousel was fun. It was only $3/per child so it was worth it. Adriana choose the tea cup but James was to little for it so it went on a horse instead.

Statue of Pope John Paul II in Boston Garden, who knew!!!
Boston was the first stop by the Pope in Oct of 1979.

Boston culture is always fun. This man was pretending to be a statue. He amused Adriana and James especially after the swan boat ride when he waved to the children as we walked away. I had asked Adriana if she thought he moved and she said "yes, I think his head moved," I think we amused him as much as he amused us!!!

Getting ready for our boat ride! We meet another family that missed their opportunity to go out on the Harbor boats! Mom and two little boys. They were nice to chat with on our boat ride. They go to every Fun Free Friday so maybe we will see them again!!!

Does anyone know what type of bird this is? Maybe a crane?
It is a cormorant! My mother the bird lady said so!!!

Look at all the ducks on the little island in the middle of the pond!! I'm guessing it is one of the tributes to "Make Way for Duckling" a great children's book set in the Boston Public Garden!!! The second picture is a duck and turtle hanging out on the ramp up to the island, super cute!!

I loved the swan boats it is one of my fondest memories as a child. I truly love the willow trees!

Face painting by a college girl after the swan boat rides!!!

Heading home on the train!!! I love both of these pictures. Mama and Adriana look cute and James' funny face is precious!

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