January 26, 2008

Baby Shower.

I had the most wonderful Baby Shower ever. My friends good Anne and Michelle put it all together for me. They came over a few hours early to set up. Michael and I hung back a assisted in getting the proper trayers which were neccessary. It was a nice time to spend with Michelle and Anne and everything slowly came together. Then the guest started coming. All I can say about the guests is I could never have selected a better group of people. Many people were invited and many more would have fit in lovely but this group got along so great. They were all playing an interactive game which made everyone talk to everyone. My dear friend Tara loves to compete and was so into the game the when my friend Peg (Baby Niall's Godmother) came in she just started talking to her like she had known her for ever. Both of them being good friends of mine I thought maybe they had met at some event I had held before. No Tara went up to Peg gave her a big hug and asked her if she could recite the first three lines of the "Star Spangled Banner" Peg being who she is loved the intro and floor, she bellowed the first three lines. I'm so glad I didn't miss that. Everyone gave such wonderful gifts and Adriana enjoyed playing with the babies. She's preparing for her own baby to be born soon. She also loved all the attention she got from Miss Tara and Miss Sarah. Miss Tara read her a story or two or three. The clean us crew was great. They even stayed to take a finally picture.

Mama and Heather good time friends.

January 23, 2008

Tongue Lashing for Daddy

We had three appointments yesterday. This started daddy off in a bad mood. No work and no activity. Just when you think he is over it angry rears it's head in daddy again. It never matters what mama or Adriana do. Our sensitive daughter Adriana tries everything to make daddy better. Mama just ignores daddy and tries not to let him put her in a bad mood. After our family rosary daddy finally realized how miserable he was making the rest of the household. Thank you Mary!!! Has he was apoligizing for his moodiness his daughter decided to give him a good tongue lashing. "Daddy Our Lord does like when you get angry at us. You should ask Our Lord to help you to be nice to us daddy. I know it's hard daddy but next time just ask Our Lord." Aren't children so funny. It is all true and good to be reminded of but sometimes we don't want to hear it from a 3 year old. Wise for her age.

January 21, 2008

Dinner Chatter/Phrase of the Week

At dinner we were talking about the upcoming birth of Baby Niall. Adriana as excepted is very excited. She asked if the baby was coming tomorrow. I told her that it was still January and the baby isn't coming until February. It is only a few weeks away and mama and daddy can't wait for the baby to come either. She asked daddy "Can we turn January off?" I'm telling you the things the child comes up with. Later she asked if we could turn Febrary on. She is smart to put these things together.

Cooking Breakfast

Adriana is becoming a big girl. She love to help. Daddy has taught her how to crack her breakfast egg, take her toast out of the toaster, and butter her toast. It is great to watch my little girl grow-up.

The finished project - Breakfast!

January 18, 2008

Changing Dinner and Pizza Night!!!!

Dinner this week has been so off. I think tonight is the only night we are having what was on the dinner menu, PIZZA!!!!! I love PIZZA NIGHT!!! It is even better than leftover night, no prep, no heating, NO THINKING, just pick and eat. LOVE IT!!!!
We had pasta on Tuesday instead of Monday, Saturday was Lamb, Sunday potluck and leftovers the rest of the week. Can you believe we still have enough leftovers to eat leftover tomorrow night too. The best thing about having a dinner menu is that you shop to it and have all the ingredients you need on had. But being pregnant we make alot of substitutions. I love to be able to look at my menu and pull out dinner when I'm not too tire. We'll have chilli tomorrow night even though we have enough food for leftover. At least that is my plan right now.

Spending Time with Memere, FUN!!

Yesterday Memere came over so daddy could fix her car. Adriana believes that when anyone comes to visit they are here for her, most children do. Adriana had so much fun showing Memere her toys, playing games with her, and playing mommy to Memere. I think Memere was totally excused when she left but Adriana loved being with her while she was here.

January 17, 2008

Go Patriots

Michael has not been a sports fan since I met him but for some reason this year he was been following the New England Patriots since the begining of the year. I have always been a NE fan and excited that my husband joined me this year, especially because the are 17 - 0. Go all the way Pats.

Super Bowel here we come!!!!!!
Go Brady, MVP!!!!

Phrase of the Week

Again, hanging out in the bed Adriana was lying between mama and daddy. She was kisses us saying I love both of you. She has to be in the middle of us. What a snugglie girl. If Michael tries to touch mama he gets a tough lashing. She loves to protect her mama. Then out of the blue she says "I want to go into Mama's belly with the baby." Out of the mounths of babes. I guess she really want to see this baby. Enough talking about it already. lol. She is something else.

Silly Bedtime Talk

When the family is hanging out in the bed it is always a really fun and silly time. I few months ago Adriana asked the silliest question ever. It is a question only a child exposed to lots of nursing moms would ask. She said "Mama are you going to pour milk into your breasts for the baby?" Obviously this is still something Michael and I laugh about and Adriana will ask on occasion to get a laugh. She asked again lastnight which is why I'm blogging about it. She can be so silly and we love it!!!! I think she is half sersious, Michael told her God would pour milk in mama's breasts for the baby.

This would have been the phrase of the week had I been blogging at the time.

January 15, 2008

Adriana at Gymnastics

Adriana has been in gymnastics for a year now. She loves it. This is a parent and tot class. She is really good and we really enjoy watching her. Today was the last day of this session. Mama and daddy both went to class with her to take some pictures. Daddy is a really good coach. He will be taking Adriana next session because it would be too hard for mama to take her with a newborn. Check out her vidoes and how good daddy coaches her.
Daddy coaching Adriana.

Adriana does really well on the bar. She used to flip her hands once she started to flip but now she is doing it without fiipping those hands. It is amazing to see her improvement.

Adriana got really strong over the summer, once we came back from summer break she was able to do the rings with no problem. She is supposed to land on her feet which she can do but when she tries to go to fast it doesn't happen. She was going fast.

I'm really not sure what benefit this has on the body for gymnastics but Adriana loved it and had a blast being rolled. Yes she is a big amusement park girl.

34 Weeks and 6 Days

I hate pregnancy pictures of myself. I deleted the last picture I put up on this blog. I hoped Michael could take a better picture. I wouldn't say much better but a little. I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow. 5 weeks to go. Please pray for a safe natural birth. Thanks.
Michael also took this mother daughter pictures. Adriana loves to kiss mama's belly.
I will post pictures of the last 5 weeks of pregnancy. Hope you all enjoy.

January 14, 2008


Getting stuck at work is never fun.

I went to bed last night knowing it was supposed to snow. I was definitely hoping it would not snow (unlike the schoold children praying for snow) for two reasons. One, I was at work and if my clients don't go to their jobs or programs that means I have to stay until someone comes in to relieve me. Secondly, and more importantly because I had plans to go to a talk on organization - if you could see my office you would know I need this. Plus, I am also really excited to get together with the families in the community. Well when I woke up this morning (5:45 am) one of my co-workers was already outside shoveling snow, we must have had 3-4 inches by then. Boy did the snow put a damper on my plans. During the last storm I drove home from work only going 30-35 miles/hour on a major highway. I hated that drive so today I decided that it would be best to stay at work (get a little overtime) a wait out the snow. Plus I had Michael check my e-mail and the talk was rescheduled. It worked!! Four hours after my shift ended a regular schedule of staff came in and I went home. Roads were great. I would say we got a total of 12 inches in Worcester. It was coming down pretty fast for while. What a year for snow we almost hit the record in Dec 26.9 inches.

A tired and pregnant mama got home just in time to nap with my daughter.

A nor'easter (also northeaster; see below) is a macro-scale
storm along the East Coast of the United States. A nor'easter is so named because the winds in a nor'easter come from the northeast, especially in the coastal areas of the Northeastern United States and Atlantic Canada. More specifically, it describes a low pressure area whose center of rotation is just off the East Coast and whose leading winds in the left forward quadrant rotate onto land from the northeast.

January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Today is Michael's thirty-seveth birthday. We surprised him with a birthday cake at a friends house. It was a fun surprise there was lots of friends to sing to him. Some friends of ours gave him a wonder gift, Diary of Saint Faustina. Mama and Adriana got him four classical cd's, a internet secruity program for his new laptop, and a mountain bike. My favorite was the mountain bike but I don't know that daddy was really excited about it.

Opening his presents and riding his new bike.

January 12, 2008

Why Buy Toys??

Today I was reminded that my daughter would much rather use her imagination and play with random boxes than her toys. My daughter who as more toys than I have room for only needs the pops you get in the fragile boxes and large boxes. Why can't I remember this when I'm buying one more of those toys, I think she must have.

Birthday Dinner

Our family has a great birthday tradition. On or around our birthday we choose a favorite dinner. Michael's choose to have a Roasted Leg of Lamb. Thanks Rebecca for the recipe Michael and Adriana really enjoyed there dinner. He can't wait to eat leftovers. Mama on the other hand ate leftover sheppard's pie. I can't stomach lamb especially the smell while pregnant. But for the love of my husband and his birthday I made many offerings as I cooked his dinner.

January 11, 2008

Eion Cloweion McGloweion

Who's Eion Cleion McGleion?

Adriana has a friend named Eion (pronounced Owen). Eion was a sister name Clara, Adriana also plays with Clara. Over the summer Adriana began to call them Cleion, silly. Later she decided that only Eion was Cleion. Recently, she was all excited that she was going to see Cioci (pronounced chuchee)Anne, who is Eion and Clara's mom, and started to list everyone she was going to see along with Cioci: Uncle Peadar(pronounced pather), Clara, Baby Joseph, and Eion Cleion McGleion. Can you beleive she came up with a whole name for Eion. Yes, this made mama and daddy laugh alot.

Adriana sitting on Eion Cleion McGleion.

Phrase of the week

Adriana is great, as I'm sure many 3 year olds are, at coming up with funny phrases. This week she keeps saying:

"I know all my words."

I guess that means she is a big girls. So cute!!!!

January 10, 2008

Update on Dinner Schedule

I posted an updated January Dinner Schedule at the bottom of the blog. It is much better than the one that was posted in the blog. I'll be updating monthly with spontantous updates. Check it out!!!

There were three in the bed

Yes, we are a co-sleeping family. We are moving Adriana out of the bed slowly. She goes to sleep in her own bed but sometime through the night she ends up in our bed. I was hoping to have her totally in her own bed by the time the new baby comes but I am having my doubts.

The fun part about co-sleeping is the fun you have in the morning. This morning evn though I was up at 4:30 a.m. I layed back down in the bed when Michael and Adriana woke up. Adriana loves to snuggle. Then she attacked daddy, the tickle monster. Daddy got revenge, he turned into a lion and attacked mama and Adriana. Maybe mama was the reason Adriana was attacking daddy's feet. I love co-sleeping. It is great!!!!

A Pregnant Women

I'm not sure what to think but my 3-year old often refers to me as the pregnant women. I usually laugh but sometimes I wonder what it really means. She even tell other people "my mother is a pregnant women."

Can not sleep

Can you believe that it is 4:30 am and I am awake blogging. I went to bed at 8:00 p.m. but I should still be sleeping. Especially because my daughter still hasn't crawled into my bed. My back hurts. Boy this pregnancy is kicking my butt. With Adriana and didn't really feel pregnant. I sure do now. I started having back problem in Sept. I've been seeing a chiropractor once I week but I think I'm going to have to kick it up a knoch, twice a week. My back really feels better once I leave his office. I'm sure it would help if I did my exercise. They only take about 2 minutes twice a day. Well at least I'm getting stuff done while I'm awake. I finishing my baby registery on www.Juliesstuff.com. Life's good when you have 3 year old who still naps so at least I can look forward to a nap.

January 7, 2008

Dinner in January

When friends come to my house they are usually most interested in the dinner calendar I have my fridge. We didn't have a calendar up in December because of the move. That made life crazy. I find it most helpful to know every night what I'm having for dinner. Otherwise my family either eats really late or my husband makes a lot of dinners. My mind works best this way. I love it. I know what to take out of the freezer in the morning. It is also great for food shopping. We do sometimes change the schedule if necessary. Tonight for instance I pulled out steak instead of hamburger, pregnancy brain. Can't really have a Sheppard’s Pie with Steaks so I made steak and cheese, Michael opted for leftovers and Adriana wanted a hot dog. We only eat the all natural beef hot dogs. It was easy to improvise once the dinner was planned for and there was NO STRESS. I learned this from one of the book Saving Dinner, Leanne Ely. Check out her website http://www.savingdinner.com/. I have the book but her dinner's a little to complicate for me so I use my on calendar but it is the same idea. Because I'm due in February and learned from my December mistake I already have my dinner schedule done for February and March. Here is what's for dinner in January? Check out dinner menu at the botton of blog.