August 21, 2012


Simple, Kakhi bottoms and polo style collar shirts.
School is a challenge enough with having to fight about what we are going to wear. The fight between boys and girls are different. Boys want to well whatever they can get get there hands on clean or dirty.

Girls just take a long time to decide what they want to wear and if I disapprove it is war.  Not that she has a ton of clothes I disapprove of it is the way she wants to wear them.  It can be distracting for even me!

Doesn't she look cute!
I decided to take the fight out this year and just have a school time uniform. Yes I have the fight when we don't have school but it doesn't hinder our school start time.

James doesn't totally need a uniform except he is the bigger clothes fight.  Oh my some days!!  Now it is just like the easy Sunday, go put on your church clothes except I say school clothes.

She can wear jean or kakhi skirts.
Now to work on sitting up straight in class. It is always something isn't it? What do you think of homeschool uniforms?

August 20, 2012

Itchy James

James got poison ivy at the end of last week. Daddy and Mama have been trying everything to get rid it naturally. We have used jewelweed and melaluca oil. They are looking like they are healing but they spread yesterday.

The fun part for James is not the itching but that after we put the medicine on we wrap his arms like they are in casts.

August 7, 2012

Have a Happy Birthday Adriana

Our Beautiful Baby Girl Is 8 years old, 
Happy Birthday Adriana!!!