February 25, 2008

Mother Daughter Days

Adriana and Mama spent a few days together before Baby Niall is excepted to be born.

First we went to the movies to see "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" - A Veggie Tales Movie. Adriana had a blast. She hadn't been to the movies since the summer. It was a whole new experience. All she talks about now is the pirates and how they don't do anything.

On Feb 25th days after Baby Niall was born Mama decided to take Adriana out for lunch. There is no better place to take a child for lunch than Friendly's. Yes, we did enjoy an ice cream. Adriana had chocolate all over her face. Mother daughter FUN!!!!!

February 18, 2008

Sick Yucky!!!!!

Adriana making Mama soup because she's sick.
Mama had been in bed since Friday. On Friday morning Mama woke up and thought she was in labor. After having contractions through the night, feeling sick in the stomach, and her hips and back were sore. Well she was so uncomfortable but had a appointment at the midwifes so off she went. The midwives thought maybe you could be in labor but I think you just have the flu, yucky. Mama went home took her temperture and low and behold a fever of 101.8. SHe was sick and sore. The fever didn't finally break until late Saturday night. Sunday was all congestion and some soreness. What a horriable weekend. Some good things did come out of the weekend. Mama didn't go into labor while she was sick. Mama also learned that daddy is very capable of taking care of the household while mama is out of it. Can you believe that the dishes have been done and the kitchen cleaned every night. How amazing!!!! And laundry I think he did every load. Great work Daddy. Thanks for pitching and while mama has been in bed.

February 15, 2008

39 Week Visit to the Midwife

Adriana is helping Midwife Valerie listen for the baby's heart rate with the doppler. Family trip to midwife office, Daddy taking picture.

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

We try not to do Valentine's Day up to much in our house. We love it meaning behind it and after all it is Saint Valentine's Day but it just doesn't fall at the best time for our family. Daddy's Birthday is January 13th and Mama's Birthday is Feb 28th and now the soon to arrive Baby Niall's Birthday will we soon after Valaentine's Day. I made cards with Adriana to send to family member's and for Daddy. I made a card for Daddy and Adriana plus got each of them a peice of chocolate. Adriana and Mama went out shopping for some liast minute baby items and when we came home we found these. White Carnations for Adriana and Red Carnations for Mama with a little not on each of the Love, Daddy. The tabe is sent so because daddy went out and got clams and Alaskan King Crab legs. Dinner was wonderful!!! We had a great Valentine's Day evening.

February 7, 2008

Baby Pool

Dear Friends of Michael & Adrianne,
We're very excited about the upcoming arrival of baby Niall, as I'm sure you are too! We started a baby pool online where you can guess if baby Niall will be a boy or a girl, when baby Niall will arrive, how much baby Niall will weigh, etc, etc. We're not playing for money, but the winner will receive a small prize :-)
~The Urbans - Ben, Rebecca & Baby Leo
To participate, go to: http://www.expectnet.com/games/BabyNiall or go to ExpectNet.com and enter BabyNiall as the
game name in the space indicated on the home page.

If you haven't already placed your pool go for it now!!!!! ~Adrianne
Thanks, Rebecca and Family!

February 1, 2008

Family Rosary

We pray the rosary just about every night as a family. A three year old praying the rosary does sometimes make us crazy because she doesn't always respond or she is being silly. But it pleases Our Lord that she is learning how to pray the rosary. Tonight was interesting because she decided that she wanted to lead the Rosary. It is amazing the little joys our children give us. If is pleases us so imagine how much more it pleases Our Lord. I know that she is pleasing to Him even though she ofter makes me crazy. Thank you Lord for the wonderful daughter you have given us.

Phrase of the Week

Tonight at dinner Adriana asked a question that she asks most nights, "Mama are you going to work tonight." Usually she whines when Mama says yes. Tonight mama said yes but I only have two more weeks. To which she replied, "It's okay mama you can go to work when the baby comes. I can take care of the baby AND daddy." Wow, she is eager to be grown. We'll see how long that lasts once the baby comes.