July 31, 2011

Fun in Lowell and Sunday Summer Fun

 Fun Free Friday this week was to the American Textile History Museum in Lowell MA.  Mama and the children learned a lot but really we only scratched the surface of knowledge in the world of textiles.

 We all had a turn trying to lift 500 lbs of cotton.
Adriana and James trying to spin.

Thomas feeling the sheep textile.
 Playing in the grocery store.

 Watching and listening about the history of the textiles. 

I don't know why my children love the stuffed people but they do. 
James called to Lulu the whole time we were eating lunch.
Thomas is just trying to figure out what is going on!
Adriana loved this car and the air bags.  Why?  I don't know. 
 James dressing up in a fireman's uniform.

James the fireman.
Every little girl loves to look at a wedding dress.

I don't remember what the plane had to do with textiles except maybe parachutes. 

What to baseballs and sheep have in commone?
Mama and her children with some cotton bails behind them.
Funny scarecow guy

Saturday we went to the Lowell Folk Festival.  Mama believes this will become a Niall Family Tradition.  This is our second year and we really enjoy listening to all the folk bands and exploring all the activities.

Fun For Children



Art Drums

Subway man
Why do my children love these costumed creatures!
Folk Concerts
The Irish Band, Dervish
We went to Nathan Williams & The Zydeco Cha-Chas - fun upbeat Creole music, Quebe Sisters Band -young ladies fiddling, Birmingham Sunlightsan - an a cappella gospel group, and Dervish - an Irish band that Adriana danced a jig too.  She is getting so much better at Irish Step, Mrs Tamburi would be so proud.
Adriana dancing a jig!
Summer Fun at the Urban
On Sunday, after mass, we enjoyed the summer day with our friends at the Urbans.

Mr. Urban brought out the bouncey house.  Is Adriana helping?!?!

Yes she is helping with Thomas!
She is a great kid.

What an inviting place to sit and relax.

James causing caose bring a bike into the bouncy house

Great picture of Grandma Jeannie and Leo loving Joni.
A Joni sandwhich!
Adriana enjoying herself!
Jules and Thomas playing.
Water fun before we go home!

Time with my god daughter!

Drying off!! Yes bestfriends!

Riding Down
And away we GO!!!!

James not wanting to go down the hill after being run over
while Thomas wondering why he can't join in on the FUN!!

We had a very enoyable weekend and look foward to Adriana's birthday weekend next.

July 28, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~
We try to Every Thursday, here at de Niall Isle linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter!

This week we have two pretty one with Mama and one with Daddy.

 Adriana and James went on a hike with Daddy while Mama was away.  This was the beautiful site:

Yesterday went to the zoo and a pretty peacock follow us around.  These pictures are at two different parts of the zoo.

Check out this really happy baby with his siblings:

We also have two funnies this week.

The fist is when we celebrated James' feast day.  We played in the ball pit (I know germ infested but it is the summer) and he stopped to pose. 
James covered in balls!
The second funny was the crazy children monkeying around at the zoo!!
A train road by the monkey's and laughed because they were out of their cage! 


My upper garden really needs help and even my lower garden didn't get enough attention this year.  Unfortunately a lot of our herbs bolted! But I do have eggplant and tomatoes coming!  I guess I can say I am happy that things are growing because like Lelia stated in here {pretty, happy, funny, real} I am so not good a watering.  I need to get soaker hoses or a timer for next year, learning from my mistakes. 

Sad upper garden.  So needs weeding. Corn bolted but hopefully some fruit will come too.
Upper garden summer squash, radish and pumpkin in there somewhere, ugh.

Raised bed garden

First raised bed

My Eggplant

 tomatoes and sad looking peppers.

second raised bed.
My garden looks sad but I am hopeful that every year I learn more and they will get better. We got yummy beets this year and radish. I'm hopeful for cucumbers and some summer squash. I'm also hopeful that next year we will get strawberries.