July 13, 2010

Hanging Out at Ms. Barbara's Pool!

Today was a very fun day hanging out with some good friends!!! We went into Saugus to for a delicious lunch and fun in the sun!!! The adults had a delicious chicken sand which and the children had hot dogs both served with salad!!! We headed for the pool shortly after lunch. James was very happy Ms. Barbara had a blow up airplane for him to go swimming in!! Adriana was just plain happy to be in the pool. Evan is a pool baby too, he had fun hanging by the stairs with his awesome floaty swim vest! James also sent a lot of time floating around with Mama in the water!!!

Evan's funny face!!!
James drying off getting ready for dessert!!

Adriana called this day "A Dessert Day," because Ms. Barbara gave us lots of sweets after lunch. They started off eating yummy fruit salad, then came the ice cream pops, and finally the cupcakes!!! My children, and I know Evan, sure are not used to having this many sweets in one day never mind one sitting, lol!! I guess that is part of what made it such a fun day!!

You can so tell Evan enjoyed his cupcake!!!!

James tickling Evan. So cute!!!

Heather and Adrianne after a dip in the pool.

Adriana and James giving Mrs. Barbara hugs and thanking her for the yummy desserts!!!

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