June 28, 2010

Practicing for the New Baby!!

Adriana and James were playing with this baby doll like it was a real baby. They were so cute I could not resist taking this picture!! Adriana holding James and James holding the baby. If only you could have seen them gently playing with this baby!!! Adriana is teaching were little brother how to care for a baby.

An Attempt at a Garden!!

My natural little gardener!!!

This is my first year attempting to do a garden. I think it is coming arround but I am learning that weeding is a challenge. I am excited to see the fruits of my labor. I will post more about my garden as my veggies start to grow. It really is more fun than I thought!

Sprinkler Summer Fun

Mama finally took a minute to put the sprinkler together. The children will hopefully have hours of fun with it throughout the summer. Then mama can rest and do house work. Fun for everyone!!!

The only down fall is if you turn the water on to high the sun flower pops off!!! And easy fix! Come play with us if you have a chance!

Hike to Power Wind Mills at Wachusett Mountain

While Anne and I were working in the basement (homeschool room), Daddy took Adriana, James and Isaac (his Godson) (Joseph wanted to stay and watch a Veggie Tale) on a findtrip to the Wind Mills at Wachusett Mountain. They had a fun hike and got lots of great pictures. Adriana was excited to see the giganitc Wind Mills move with the wind. On the hike they found and ate blueberries, yummy!! Daddy says it will be a nice place to have a picnic!!

A really cute picture of Isaac. What a cute baby!
Daddy said James was chasing him with the Rock pointing and shooting. He is such a boy!!

Sister and brother shot!!!
Adriana James and Issac!! I love this picture. I think it will be Michael new profile picture!

Hiking down the trail! Is this before of after daddy climbed the tree. Daddy always has to find a tree to climb!
At the bottom of the trail!

June 27, 2010

Homeschooling Room

My friend, Anne, came over today to help me organize the homeschooling room. I wasn't excepting much but I am pleased with our progress. Three or four boxes going to Salvation Army. Let's see how much more I can do this week. I'll update progress!

Before!!! Not so hot

As you can see everything is in the middle of the room and in boxes.

After: still needs alot!!!

Bookcases are in place and some boxes we completely unpacked. Anne even sorted through our plethora of books and weed some out. It goes against the grain to get rid of books but really how many books can one family have. We could start out own library!!!

It was really sad to find mold on our exersaucer and car seat but hopefully (because it is only on the cloth) we can get rid of the mold!!!

I'm really sore from all the work but it feels good to get it done!!

June 25, 2010

Zip Trip in Leominster with Fox 25!

Fox New VB with Adriana and Mama!! They really are fun and funny!!!

Adriana and Mama hanging out on a Leominster Fire Truck. Wish James was here for this one!!

Adriana and Leominster's own Johnny Appleseed!

We got here when the sun was rising!!!

Adriana and I are in the background of atleast one segment. We were probably in other segments but this was by far the longest because we were right behind the major! Major Dean Mazzarella of Leominster. Check it out http://www.myfoxboston.com/dpp/morning/zip_trips_town/leominster-zip-trip-talk-of-the-town-20100625

June 24, 2010

Baby Niall #3 Boy or Girl??

Baby Niall #3!! I love ultrasounds. It was nice to see everything is going well. Big baby of course but on schedule for guest-a-mating date. We still don't know what we are having but I'm going to put up a poll soon so you can way in on what you think!!!

June 22, 2010

BBQ and Smores!!!!

Adriana's First Smores!!!!
Second day in Maine!

Nana BBQ at Fort Foster!!! Yummy, hot dogs, shirmp, chicken, and sausage!!

Playing in the sand with our new dollar store buckets and shovels!

Back at Nana's with making smores!

Adelle smile, cheese!!

Having fun roasting marshmellows

Smoke in my eyes but I still have to eat it, yummy!

Great picture of Adriana and Nana (daddy is on the phone!!)

First Day in Maine

We got to Maine really late on Father's Day and we were welcomed by Nana, Auntie Helen, Reaha, John, and Adelle!!!

We hang out in Nana's yard most of the first day!! Nana get's many vistitors to her house so we had some company FUN! and ofcourse mama and James had a nap, nice!

Nana and James hanging in the yard!
Getting sprayed under "Summer" the sprinkler!!!

It is fun just lounging around!

We are getting ready to go to Fort Foster in Nana's Truck!

Reaha taking Adriana out far in the water. I love you Reaha!! Playing in the sand!

Playing in the sand without James!!!

We love the park at Fort Foster!!

Adriana said "Mama I see a lobster!!!" Mama responds"Adriana if you see a Lobster I'm going to dive into the water so we can take it home and eat it!!" "Mama you need to dive," as she pokes at a rock, lol!!!

Searching for shells

James is having tons of fun climbing on the rocks. A little to timid to go into Maine's cold water!!
I just love this picture!!! Great profile!

Great picture of Reaha and James!! I love tis picture!
At about 10pm we decided it was finally time to eat our LOBSTER!!!!! YUMMY! And yes my chidren like lobster. No one wants children to love lobster but in it in our blood!!!
The lobster is waiting to go into the pot!

Auntie Helen is giving sissors to the lobster!

James is trying really hard to open the lobster!