July 5, 2010

Bell Family Pictures

Grandpa Bell and Grandma Mabel

Before we left to come home we took some family pictures!
Below: Adriana, Great Grandpa, Dominique, and James making his funny faces!!!

The picture above was taken on the 4th before we went to Niagara Falls!!

Below: Grandpa and Grandma Mabel with Grandchildren and one Great grandchild

Uncle Nelson with his mom and dad

Uncle Nelson, Grandma Mabel, Grandpa, and my dad

Great family shot: Uncle Nelson, Dominique, Adriana, Grandma Mabel, James, Grandpa, me, and Dad

The Niall Family with Grandma Mabel, Grandpa and Dominique

Saying Goodbye to Grandma Mabel

Hugs from Uncle Nelson

As you can see Dominique felt like family after the day we spent with her the day before so she was in all the family pictures with us. Dominique is Grandma Mabel's granddaughter!

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