July 3, 2010

Daddy's Birthday in Buffalo

We brought Grandpa (aka Bepa) to Buffalo for his birthday. It was a nice relaxing day spent just visiting with family we haven't seen in a long time. Nelson grilled tons of food and we hung out eating and enjoying everyone's company. After a small dinner, too much eating earlier, we sang happy birthday to Bepa and everyone enjoyed there ice cream cake!!! Later in the evening we went back to our hotel to do a little swimming! Tons of fun!

Bepa enjoying his big peice of ice cream cake!! Only on your birthday Dad!!!!

As you can see James was enjoying his cake. You can also see he is in the I'm going to make funny faces for pictures stage!!!

Adriana's piece was good to the last drop. It isn't often mama lets her lick her plate but I guess for ice cream cake I'll make and exception!!!

Back at the hotel brotherly Love!!!

Adriana floating on her back all by herself, we were teaching her while we were in the pool earlier in the morning. I was amazed at how fast she learned!!

Swimming under water and she was swimming across the pool too!!!

James and Daddy!!!

Adriana and Uncle Nelson (she misses Uncle Nelson)!

Everyone just chillin in the pool!

James splashing Daddy!

James getting tired relaxing on Bepa's lap!!

I just love there look in this picture.

Uncle Nelson and his two favorite neices!!! Atleast his two favorite neices today, lol!

Family shots!!!

You just can't deny the Bell nose it this picture!!!

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