July 24, 2010

Word of the Day: Pride

Why I choose today's word of the day, PRIDE, is simple. I have been working really hard on balance, sanctifying, and holiness. I really want to sanctify my work also but today I failed miserably!!! I wish I could say today but really it is still morning and I have failed. I find that when you are thinking all these good thoughts trying to put them into work it is easy to get PRIDEful about your work!!! While trying to put them into work it is easy to loose it on your children. I need to pay attention to them while I do the rest of my work. I need to be sensitive to them and teach them to be calm and gentle with each other. The only way to do this is to be an example and let me tell you I totally failed today.

I went up to Adriana's room after helping her clean it yesterday and it was not so much a disaster but not really put together either. After spending all that time with her yesterday I expected to just have to vacuum today. No, I felt like I was cleaning it all over again. Instead of being patient with her I lost my temper for a few hours with both children. James was doing lots of naughty things like standing on a toy almost breaking it. I say the word of the day is PRIDE because just when you think have life totally under control God humbles me. We are a PRIDEful people. But really I can't do anything with out God's grace. I need to begin again and work on being patient with my children and my self as I work on Holiness. I can't say I'm being saintly while yelling at my children. Lord take this PRIDE from me and help me to be a better mom.

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