July 31, 2010

Invitation to a Catholic Mother's Blessing

Please join us for a Mother's Blessing as we celebrate this new life and as we help Adrianne prepare for her labor with prayer, games, good food, and conversation.

A Mother's Blessing is a celebration of pregnancy and motherhood in prepration of new life. The guests are invited to spend time with the mother-to-be. The tone of the Mother's Blessing is positive - you won't find those horror stories of labors and early parenting that seem to be so common at traditional baby showers!

Please bring:

1 DISH TO SHARE & 1 FREEZEABLE DISH (can be the same as the dish you bring to share...just make a little extra to freeze) that Adrianne can keep in her freezer for when the baby arrives. (*Note: Or, if you'd prefer, you can bring a voucher that says you'll make her a meal when the baby arrives, or do a load of laundry, etc, etc.)

1 PRAYER CARD or picture of a beloved Catholic saint

And in lieu of a gift for the baby, Adrianne asks that those who are willing and able make a monetary contribution towards the cost of her planned homebirth with a professional midwife (every little bit helps) :-) We will have a jar at the shower where you can make anonymous donations if you'd like.

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