July 8, 2010

Staying cool in the Summer - Spec Pond

We are in the middle of the of a heat wave!!

What are some of the things you do to stay cool?

In the summer when if is really hot we like to do go the free movies and we spend alot of time at Spec Pond. I realize that being pregnant I really enjoy swimming and both of my children are water babies!!!! James is a bit fearless but I just sit at the edge of the pond when I'm not in there with him. And I am lucky so far he listens well except when he is in his boat!! Horray for Spec Pond and Sterling Beach which we will spend a little more time at this year. Thanks to Anne Hougham James filling is bucket with water!

Adriana and James digging in the sand and filling it with water. Playing well together!

Playing on the bucket in the water

Swimming like my sister does!!!

Adriana and James playing in the Lancaster residents recreactional boat!

James: I love my little boat and as you can see I can float out as far as I want without my Mama!!! Mama doesn't like that very much and she does come out to get me when I go to far from her!
I am completely fearless in the water. Yes, I have fallen in a few times but I just get right back up and keep going!!!
Adriana makes friends everywhere she goes!!
I love to have my picture taken. Fun at Spec Pond!!!

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