July 18, 2010

Garden Update!!

Our garden look better but it still needs help!!
Adriana modeling in front of the garden!! She loves to be in pictures!!

Can you see the bee doing her part in our garden. Pollution!

This is our garden preweeding!!! Needed lots of work!
Really look at that jungle!!

The children play in the sandbox while I weed. I mean fight in the sandbox!!

What is attacking my squash!

The grass helps to keep the weeds down. Great tip from Leila, thanks!

Our lettuce is looking good. Almost good enough to eat, yummy can't wait!

I'm not sure what is growing over there, I think it is broccili, any ideas?

Daddy does a great job weeding the garden. Thanks for the help!
Some critter is eating our tomatoes. We are spraying a jalepano spray hoping it helps!!! Say a pray for us!! I love tomotoes and our first tomatoe tasted wonderful!

Tomatoe plants!

Our Sunday in the garden!

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