September 27, 2008

Science Musuem with Samuel and other Friends

Today we went to the Museum of Science for "Free Museum Day." Adriana decided to invite her friend Samuel because we haven't played with him in a long time. It was a long day but so much fun.

Our journey to the museum started at Malden train Station. This must have been one of the funniest parts of the adventure, taking the train.

Adriana and Samuel waiting for the first train of the day.
Mama and James on waiting for the train. Picture taken by Adriana Niall age 4
Samuel and Adriana sitting on the train, FUN!!
Waiting for the Green Line to the Science Museum stop

Getting off the train ready to walk to the Museum of Science.

First exhibit at the Museum of Science. We meet up with the Dooley/Rzasa Party. You can see Mrs Dooley in the background.
A surprise guest appearance from the Urban's. We had no idea our friends Ben and Rebecca were at the museum until we ran into a friend of Rebecca's. What are the odds we would be at the museum much less run into each other.
Leo hanging out in the cafe.

One of the all time favorite activities at the museum. You can see Ben and his sister (Josie) playing the piano along with all the children. Adults have just as much fun on the piano if not more. ( I know it it side ways. I still haven't learned that I can't take videos side ways.)

We went to the Electric show but James got bored so we went and played with the glass balls that send energy away from your hand. I thought it was neat that James touched it. James' hand and Mama's hand. (above)

Clara, James and Adriana after the Electric Show. (below)

James and Clara.

Adriana playing with electricity.

The Dinosaurs another favorite.

WOW Look how big it is.
The foot print is bigger that Joseph. (Don't read the sign!!)

I really have not idea what I'm listening to but the head phones are fun.
That tire is almost bigger that you.
It is the bear again on the way out.
What is it?
Oh it is a beaver in a beaver den.

Cheesey Smile
Overly silly and tired children. Waiting for the train.
Samuel's photo of the Niall Family

You can tell it is time to go home and go to bed when this is what you get on a train ride home!!!

Time with Grandpa

We invited Grandpa to the Museum of Science with us. Unfortunately it was a rainy day and his arthritis had gotten the best of him. We parked at this house in Malden and took the train into Boston and a short visit before and after.
Adriana and Grandpa
Samuel, Grandpa, and Adriana
Grandpa and James

Adriana, James, and Grandpa
Short but fun visit with Grandpa.

September 24, 2008

The Museum of Russian Icon

Michael's mother came to have her car fixed so we (the children and I) decided to take her out. We asked her if she would be interested in going to The Museum of Russian Icon. This museum is located down the street from us in Clinton, MA. Adriana got a little bored because it was a don't touch museum but Meimere and Mama loved the Icon's. The founder whom we met while visiting, started the collection on business trip to Russia. Can you believe he only spent $20 on his first Icon. I can't wait to go back to enjoy it without Adriana. If you live in the area I higly recomend visting. You can get in free if your library has a pass and children under 16 are always free. Below are a few of the icons.
For some reason I love this Icon of St. John the Baptist. I think it portrays John the Baptist as I picture him. Not so beautiful but a rugged man.
This one of the many calander or Saints the day. You can't really tell but their are so many saints depicted.
This is one of the many Icons of Our Lady.

September 23, 2008

Homeschool what does James do?

Here's what James is busy doing while we try to homeschool.

Horse Farm Field Trip - Little Girls Club

Having Fun at the Morgan Horse Farm in Bolton, MA.
Thanks you Mrs. Kelly it was great!!!

We arrived to this mother horse and her shy foal.
I couldn't believe Adriana got so close. She used to be so afriad. I guess this is the positive side of peer pressure.

Nancy, the farmer owner and breader, gave a great tour.
Nancy showed us this stallion and he did a great job posing except he hated the flies.

Isn't William adorable. He and James are exactly the same age, they are only a few hours apart.
Doesn't Molly look like a natual petting the horse.

Cathy is one of Nancy's assistance. She helped gave us a tour and demostrated horses working. She was showing the children how, with the trailer, the horses front legs have to work much harder then their back legs.

Petting a foal before we go.

Taste Test

This week's school topic is the five sense. Adriana and I did this topic over the summer so this week is a review. Today we had fun with both a taste and smell test. We video'd the taste test. She didn't like the blind fold but was a good sport anyway.

Take me Out to the Ball Game, RED SOX!!!

James and mama were lucky enough to go to a Red Sox Game. We had GREAT seats, just behind home plate. Although the Red Sox did not win the game was very exciting and ultra fun.

One of Daddy's customer was nice enough to give us these tickets and mama took, Heather, one of best friends of many years.

David Ortiz just before his homerun.

The guys next to us were Indians fans. They were very nice.

We were so close it was aweseome.
Isn't he so cute all dressed in Red Sox gear.

Great Game
BOSTON RED SOX 3 vs Cleveland Indians 4