July 24, 2010

Niall's at Lowell Folk Festival

An afternoon at the Lowell Folk Festival!!!

We went up to the Lowell for the folk festival mostly to get out of the house with the children for a hours! I have been really wanting to see the Yo-Yo People show staring John and Rebecca Higby I am glad we made it to the end of the show. (Finding a parking spot was crazy!) They were very much worth the trip!! We stayed to see what else the festival had to offer.

We are not big on characters but when you see them in the street it is always fun to stop and say "hi." Dora, Adriana, and James

Here is the children's center they had set up. The first game we came across was box hockey. Adriana had fun trying to get the puck through the little holes!

Arts and crafts - we took a picture of the shield they made because it didn't make it home!

This was even more fun, they made yarn dolls. Adriana added a face to her doll.

James showing off his doll. He must do everything his sister does weather or not it is girly!!!
Quick stop into the Lowell National Park and the children had to play on the Trolley!
As we were walking to our car we saw this lady doing braids and beads for a $1. Just for fun!

At a festival, carnival, or fair you have to have fried dough so we did indulge. James didn't like it strange pallet on the boy!! We also played a silly adventure game to recieve a free Kashi bag. It took about and hour to go through and tired us out just enough to eat a little more free Sabra humus and go home. We love hummus and even more we love Sabra hummus!!! YUMMY!

The best part of the day was at home when Adriana came over and gave me a big hug, she said "Thanks you for a fun day Mama." The morning was hard it is so worth it to just get out for a few hours sometimes!!!

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