August 29, 2010

Doyle Community Park and Spec Pond

Another hot day but it is nearing the end of summer. We decided to go on a short hike and then a swim. Literally 1/2 mile up the road from us is a state reservation, Doyle Community Park. It is really a small area but it was a nice little hike for the children and I. There was a beautiful little island and a bridge to go over which made for fun exploring!! Next time we will take a different trail, hoping these hikes help start labor!

The little island surrounded but a pond covered in lily pads! But no frogs to be found! Adriana wanted a picture of the geese that you can barely see!
Mama and James!

Spec Pond!!

WE are 1 of 3 families at the pond this evening. It is funny how cold it gets in the evening at the pond as the summer comes to a close.
Adriana won't stay in the water for very long. Either will James, he barely gets in!!

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