August 25, 2010

We are ready!!!!!

Yes I said it. I'm ready for this baby to come, WHY!!!
I still have to get to B.J.'s to buy size 1 diapers and Michael isn't completely finished with the mini-van or putting together the car seat but the birth bed no longer has clothes on it and is completely made!!!

The area where all the midwives supplies are waiting!

Towels folded and put away!!! I ROCK!

Clothes folded but still need to be put away be at least they are off the bed!

Daddy working on my mini-van, engine is out, hooray!!!

James helping daddy fix the car :)

Adriana and James love to play in the car while daddy is working!! Not mama's favorite but at least it is on jacks!

And the #1 reason I am ready to have a baby: Fr. Peter came to bless our house!!!

He made us this beautiful plaque with a prayer to the the Sacred Heart. It is so beautiful, thanks Fr. Peter!

House blessing with Adriana and James helping! Fr. Peter blessed the house, mama, the baby, Adriana and James!

Walking through blessing the house kitchen, the birth room, and the living room. He blessed the painting of Mother of Sorrows by Brother Bartholomew of St. Benedict Abbey! He was pleased we had the print.

Thank you Fr. Peter, we were glad you made it!!!!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! You are an amazing Mom Adrianne and I'm able to see this more, now that we're FB friends! I miss Fr. Peter and these pics are a blessing to have of him with your kids. I think my family needs a trip up to Saint Benedicts soon!! Thanks for sharing. Jenn

Bexo said...

Awesome! Can't wait! Now all you need to do is get to Confession, LOL! Just kidding :-)

Adrianne said...

@Jenn, we would love to see you at the Abbey. It is funny how small of a world it is because we really didn't anything about abbey was when we met, now it is our home. DO any of your children go to IHM anymore? @Rebecca, I went to confession on Sunday and I tried to go today but Fr. Dave wasn't there. I will go again this weekend. I do really want to be ready!!!! Plus I just love confession or the feeling after confession.