August 3, 2010

Change of Plan - Movie UP

Today we set out to go to the movie theater and see the movie "Cloudy with the Change of Meatball." It looked like a very funny movie but on our way to the theatre my car started playing tricks on us. We decide to go back home, make our own popcorn and watch the movie "UP." I am so not a Disney fan so I was sceptical. To my delight this is a movie we will probably get for Christmas. I think will watch it again for move night this coming Saturday. Looking at the USCCB review it is A-I (general audience), we generally only watch A-I movies! I was taking a chance on "Cloudy with the Change of Meatball" with at A-II (adults and adolescents) rating but I think it turned better. WE will still go to Spec Pond because it isn't very far!! I also got to do a little more homeschooling preparation being at home so truly worked in our advantage!!

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