August 19, 2010

Davis Farmland Fun - Lost and Found!

Our Fun and Adventure at Davis Farmland

We went to Davis Farmland to meet our good friends the Urban! It was a great day playing in the playground parks, splash park, petting farm, and on the hay ride. The worse part of the day was losing my car keys! We ended having to stay at the longer searching for my keys and then just playing until daddy rescued us. We had lunch at the park and then played in the splash park a little longer until daddy came to save the day!! The positive and funny part is in the end I found my keys. Where? Well they were on top of my car and fell off when I was driving away from the farm!! Fun day with a happy ending!

James riding on tractor!!
James and Leo playing follow the leader and house at the playground!
Mrs. Urban had the most fun in the Bull Bouncy House!
James is not really sure if he like the bouncy house!

Running through the walk only hoops!!

Fun with water!

When looking for James I would go to the water airplane!!
When looking for Adriana I just had to look at the Bubble pool!! She loved swimming in the bubbles!!
Davis Farmland has a splash park!! Fun for all James and Leo!!
Isn't Jules adorable, no I'm not biases, he is my godson!!

Petting Zoo at Davis Farmland

Petting cows

Petting goats

Scottish highland cows

More goats!


Milking a fake goat!!

Feeding goats!!

Scoot Scooters at Davis Farmland

Another park!

Lamb rooming the Farm!

Hay Ride!!!!

A cow (Double Stuffed) eating hay off the hay ride!!

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