September 4, 2010

Fun Free Weekend

Fun Free Friday at the EcoTarium! Cool giant dinosaur in front of the EcoTarium!

Running away from the dino!!

What do I see in the microscope!

I can see the tiny woodlands

We meet up with our old neighbor, Joanna! I had spoken to her mother the day before with no clues she would be there. We had not spoken in at least 9 months!

Just plain exploring!

We can use vacuums to make water vibrate and boat move, FUN!

Adriana's puppet show!

Driving the boat!

More exploring! Porcupines have sharp pines!

James loved looking through the microscopes. My little scientist!

Turtles and other reptiles

African Wildlife!

Outside bubble fun!

Discovery Museum!! - Fun Free Saturday!

Inside the Science center is this mirror. I think it is really fun to see how one picture can take on so many different angles. One of my favorite pictures from the museum!

Outside waiting to go into the younger side of the Discovery Museum. Turned out to be a 2.5 hour wait, WOW!!! luckily the Science Museum was open! We we got there we went into the Science Museum to check in walked down to the children's museum to get a number then ate lunch and played outside!

Climbing up and down trees!

Climbing on dinosaurs and posing for picture!

Playing with this inventions. We were waiting in line and James had a blast experimenting with this invention, don't ask what it is? You put the screw in one of the notches a weight in the the cup and swung it!! James could have played with it for hours!!

Sand art!

Tornado tunnel
We waited in line for close to and hour to do this diagram. Why? Adriana had to have it!!! James went first his was green then Adriana!! They are fun but really an hour!

If you flash the light it freezes your picture!!! Camera does it no justice. It is one of the coolest spots in the museum!!

Mirror fun!! Mirrors really are a lot of fun!!!
Look at these balls move.

Can you see my hands :)

Stacking Ice cream!! 2 is as high as we thought it would go. Not with James he was able to stack them three Ice Creams high!

If I pedal fast enough the light will go on!! I really don't even think she saw the light she was just having fun making the pedal go as fast as it could go!!

More Pushing Fun!Hands and Face

We finally made it to the children's spot!!!

Train Fun!!!

Exploring the kitchen/dinner! Boy did they have fun serving people (strangers) food!

Both days were filled with tons of people but the children had a blast. Some people get really crazy but if you can get past that it is so worth it. I was cranky by the end of Friday it was hot and my feet were swollen. But Saturday was a nice day and we enjoy it!! Have to get me mind off of having a baby somehow!!!

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