August 10, 2010

The Last Leg of the Adventure was truly an Adventure!!

Instead of coming straight home from Maine we detoured and went to visit friends and family. Driving home from our detour our car broke down. Thank God Daddy is a mobile mechanic. He wasn't excited about coming to our rescue more than an hour from home but he loves us so he did!! The car died as I was talking to him on the phone, I had to call him back because I had to get over to the pull over lane safely. When I called I confirmed that 'yes' it is dead. He jumped in the car stopped off at Burger King and headed to rescue us. While we waited for him a very nice state police office stopped over and pushed my car farther off the road. My tax dollars at work!!!! Adriana was a little scared so we prayed the rosary while James quickly fell asleep! The a/c didn't work so we had to leave the window's open and boy did we get eaten alive by mosquitoes. State police office #2 stopped by to check on us, we were so grateful they were checking in on us. I decided that while we wait we should pull out the lap top and watch a movie, UP. Adriana was sad when daddy showed up 10 minutes after the movie started. The movie took her mind off the bug bits and she was super excited just to be able to watch. We did watch a while longer while daddy fixed the car but the fix didn't take him long, thanks be to God!! Our tax dollars at work one more time when state police office #3 stopped to check on us. We had a great vacation but the last leg surely was an adventure we will never forget!!!

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