August 10, 2010

Playing with Friends and Family

Summer Days:
Just aren't summer days without good friends and family!
The morning with the Dooley's
While Anne and I went for our pedicures, Adriana and James stayed at the Dooley house with Uncle Peadar for fun in the sun!! When we returned we found all the children outside having fun running in the sprinklers!

Once of my favorite sites is how well Adriana and Clara get along now.
They have come so far!

Joseph, James and Issac also enjoy playing together (when Joseph is not annoying them, lol)! We ate lunch at the Dooley's and then shortly after we went to visit Uncle P.J. and Family!

A Visit to the Bell's!

Uncle P.J. and Averi - the greatest kiss!

Hugging Uncle P.J. I gave you your hug now let me down!

Playing with cousins!

Visiting with Grandpa (aka Bepa) too!!
Brendan's Football Practice

It's always fun with Uncle P.J. He is like a big kid!!

Brendan # 84

James had fun with another boy's bike. The other boy was pushing James on his bike. It was fun to see him walking up the hill and riding back down the hill (or a little boy pushing him up the hill)! He had a blast and would have done it all night!

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