August 11, 2010

Feast Day Tea Party

Adriana loves to have tea party's especially with her friends Ellie and Fran!!!
(and Erika but she could not make it.)

Playing Ms. Manners!

James joining in on the tea party!!! Enjoying his tea and cookies, yummy!

Craft time: Deocorating horses and gates.

Really concentrating on their art projects!

James has to do everything the girls are doing, Crafting!!!

So much fun in the sprinkler!!!! Ride on toys and just run and play!!!

Adriana posing with here girlfriends!!!

Today is Adriana's Feast Day and we always try to do something special to celebrate. Adriana as been really wanting her good friends to come over for a tea party. What better day to have a tea party then on your Feast Day. St. Philomena, pray for us!!!

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