August 9, 2010

My Mobile Mechanic - Traveling

I am sure you all know that we have an amazing family business. My husband is a fantastic mechanic. Our family business is traveling mechanic called "My Mobile Mechanic." The logo is "We fix it at your place!" My Mobile Mechanic comes to your home to fix your automobile!! We are working on our business plan and the future of our business. The next step will be the website Michael has hired a lady to build. She is working on the website and it will be up and running soon!!!

This past weekend we took a short family vacation for Adriana's birthday!! The best part of the trip is that Michael was able to fix a car in Maine while we were there!! Mixing a little business with pleasure. Here are the pictures I took while we were away!

The car and the engine

Car without engine

The engine waiting to go in!

I was able to watch my husband work while we were on vacation. Working under is mobile garage, canopy!!!

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