August 20, 2010

WE missed our Playgroups

We have a Friday playgroup that meets at our house during the winter and fall. In the summer we meet at a park. It has been such a long summer that we have hardly gone to the playgroup. Adriana has really wanted to see her playgroup friends so we decided we would stop in for a quick visit before going to relax by the pool in Salisbury!!

Adriana was so happy to see her friends. They were playing on the rocking horses. You would think she was too big for them but really they loved it!

The one time Nicky left his mothers side!

Adriana love to find a secret girl place when she is playing with her girl friends. Unfortunately when there are boys at a park privacy doesn't last too long!

I'm little bias but isn't he just adorable!!!! God children always are!!!

Jules and Leo just hanging out!

Where was James during this playgroup? He was around but just hiding from the camera!!! Adriana was wishing she could hide from my camera too!!! lol

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