August 13, 2010

Free Fun at Old Sturbridge Village

Fun Free Friday at Old Sturbridge Village!!!!! So much fun!
I love this picture of Adriana and James' face dressed in as 1800's children!
Fun on a fake cow!!! Who knew!

Milking a fake cow!

Learning how to make a broom with hay. I need to learn because we really need a new broom but not for $15.00!

In the 1800's the military was all voluntary. This was a Massachusetts voluntary military man!! James is looking up to him. He really likes his gun!

Cows in a field!

Hot Air Balloon!!! 3, 2, 1, Blast off!!!!! We just had to stay and watch it take off a million times!

Adriana and James at the covered bridge over the slow river. Adriana is practicing her curtsy.
These are the things you learn listening to "Felicity" although she is 1700's not 1800's!

Belgian Work Horse are so pretty!!!

James just loved watching the sheep!

1800's games!! So fun, kids really knew how to be kids!

Dying yarn. We were just about ready to leave a this point but I have to say it was one of the highlights of the day for me. Shortly before getting here we ran into some friend, the Warila's. Ellen and I were talking about how fun homeschooling can be and teaching the children how to ask questions. Adriana hasn't really gotten to the point that she does the question asking yet so I do all the asking. Once we got to the yarn dying Adriana started to ask the women questions!!! Wow it was like all I had to do was talk about her not being ready for that yet and it happened!!! She asked about the colors. She asked it the yarn came from sheep? It was amazing. I was a very proud mom at the moment!!!!

James really liked listening to the Rooster!!!!
Although I was not as comfortable as I would like to be it was a really fun day!!! It is always worth going and seeing your children grow!!! There were tons of people there and even many more we knew that we didn't see.

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