August 9, 2010

Maine Days

Family Days in Maine

Day 1:

Toys R' Us and Auntie Helen's pool

Lego Fireman, James loved it!

Adriana really wanted a motorized car for her birthday. Not happening so they played on them at Toys R Us!!

Adelle, Deja, Adriana, and James playing in the pool.

Deja and James swimming!

Adriana playing on Deja's back!

Auntie Helen trying to get a hummingbird to feed come to her!! It almost worked a few times!

Day 3:

The After Birthday Party!! Fort Foster!!

James the first one to get wet!

Everyone else joining James in the water!

Boat exploring or just hanging out!

James and Nana

Exploring on the beach! All me need is a bucket, shovel and water!!

Clamming, well really, crabbing with cousin Sarah. She is really good at it!!

Picturesque photos. Fun picture of James with seaweed stump behind him. I love lighthouses!!

Kid made aquarium: lobsters, crabs, star fish, sand dollars, sea urchins and more! Really Neat!

More creature searching!!
James after he dumped a bucket of cold water over his head!!! COLD!!!

Playing ball with Adelle!

Adriana and a Sea Urchin

Deja's Sand Dollar!

The big kids looking at the the creatures found!

James and Daddy in the water

Mama and her cousins: Adelle after a quick cold swim. Sarah just hanging out.

More kids exploring the aquarium

Daddy and James playing ball

Sarah hanging out before we left. James sporting Sarah's hat!

Final Day: Day 4

The Isles of Shoals Boat Tour and Some more Smores!

James enjoying the site off the deck!

Hanging out on the deck before the boat takes off!!

Adelle is a fun cousin to be with!

Watching James closely because is totally being a boy!!!

Just sight-seeing picture. Again I love Lighthouse!

Hanging out on the floor, why?

Light house you can see from Fort Foster

Mama and James!

Cousin Adelle walking the James, lol. Mama was getting a little sea sick. Thanks Adelle!

Another Lighthouse!

Mama and Auntie Helen

One of Adriana's self protraits. See the Many faces of Adriana here for more silly faces!!

James and Auntie Helen. James loves his Auntie Helen!
Adriana and Nana watching us dock!
Group picture

Adriana and Deja just being silly!
Nana and her girls!

Lobster fun!

Smores!!! On our last night!!
Cooking our smores!

Eating smores, yummy!!!

Nana eating marshmellows!!

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