August 15, 2010

Celebrating Mary's Assumption

Crowning Mary and making her crowns!!! Feast of the Assumption!

Singing to Mary!!!

The Kelly Family Sings!!!

Making an arts and Craft project. Crowns for Mary!

Adriana let Ms. Cedrine make here crown. Thanks Cedrine it was very pretty and it sits nicely on our Family Mary's head!

Celebrating The Assumption of Mary and Adriana's Baptismal Day are
Uncle Peadar and Cioci Anne/Mama and Daddy

Clara Dooley being really silly!!!!!

Clara and her friend didn't get to sing with everyone else so they sang for some of us moms!! Very silly singing but I'm sure Mary loved there version.

Miriam Kelly looking very cute as always!!

Climbing and hiking the other side of Breakheart. Mrs. Kelly was very scared to see them at the top of the hill. She did so well and even took the pictures!!! :)
(They are up there just hard to see)

Better seeing the specks on the top of the hill.

A great Mother son picture: Michelle and Eli

Packing up and going home!

Starting the journey to the car

James trying to caught daddy!!

Daddy finally slows down enough for James to caught him!!!

James: "I tackled him."

Now I'm going to get a rid on Daddy's back!

James pushing a heavy carriage up the hill, Thanks Adriana!

Issac riding with Mary!!

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