August 13, 2010

100 Random Things About Me and My Family!

I got this idea from another blogger and a good friend Rebecca Urban.

Thanks Rebecca it was a fun idea!!!

There is really no rhythm or reason in this list!

1. Our beginning started late September 2002 when we met St., an on-line Catholic website.
2. We were engaged at Christmas 2002.
3. We got married May of 2003 after dating/engaged for 9 months.
4. Michael is 5 years and 1 month older than me.
5. It was the best decision I ever made and we felt God was the total instrument in bringing us together.
6. We were both in the military I = Air Force, Michael = Army
7. We were both stationed in Oklahoma the same year 1999 (54 miles apart – one straight shot I drove to Ft. Sill often with friends) but God was not ready for us to meet at that point.
8. While in the military I was stationed at 3 different bases, McGuire AFB, NJ, Keflavik NATO Base, Iceland, and Altus, OK.
9. I also was able to travel to Incirlik Turkey and Germany.
10. I have been to the seven churches mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible. Seeing, what is believed to be, the home John took Mary to in Ephesus.
11. I went to college in Southern Colorado (Pueblo) and graduated from University of Southern Colorado in 2001.

12. I loved living in Colorado wished it was in Denver!
13. I have traveled cross country several times.
14. I have the travel bug –bad, but Michael hates to drive very far.
15. We went to Yellowstone National Park on our honeymoon.
16. We called our honeymoon “Dream Galaxy.” It was the most amazing vacation I have ever been on!
17. We had our first child a 15 months after we were married.
18. In the 7 years we have been married we have moved 5 times, living in 6 homes.
19. We don’t own a home, yet!
20. We are excepting our 3 child in less than a month.
21. I was raised in Everett, MA. Michael was raised at Templeton, MA.
22. I have a brother and ½ sister. Michael has 3 brothers and he is the baby. Michael’s oldest brother is older than my mother.
23. When I graduated from high school I thought I was going to become an accountant.
24. When I got out of the Air Force I discerned God was calling me to become a Psychologist.
25. After about a month in graduate school I decided my true vocation was being a wife and mother!
26. It was an amazing calling and I met the man of my dreams less than a year later.
27. I am 34 years old.
28. My mother and I are 20 years apart for 5 months out of the year.
29. I am amazed that my son is Blondie.
30. I love my children and feel so blessed to be having a 3 child
31. I also dreamed of having a large family. My husband didn’t, do man dream in that way?
32. My son is named after my grandfather. I love and miss him very much!
33. My grandmother has a twin brother. My grandfather has a twin brother.
34. We are a devote Catholic family!!
35. We try to go to daily mass.
36. Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. I have been the recipient of many miracle, mostly small miracles that many others may not attibute to God.
37. We prayed to St. Philomena and St. Gerard to conceive our first baby.
38. Adriana’s patron saint is St. Philomena.
39. Our first two children were delivered via unplanned C-section at the same hospital.
40. Both my children were born two weeks after their due dates!
41. I believe my body is perfectly capable of having a baby and plan to have our 3rd baby at home!
42. We do not plan or space our children in any way other than natural breastfeeding.
43. We believe God knows our family best and will construct our family the way he sees fit!
44. We baptize our babies shortly after they are born. Adriana 7 days after birth. James 8 days after birth.
45. I am a La Leche League Leader and strong breastfeeding advocate.
46. I do believe that a thieving baby is better than a starving baby so sometime (very seldom) babies need formula.
47. Michael is a very talented mechanic.
48. Our family owns a mobile mechanic business, My Mobile Mechanic. 49. I am addicted to Facebook.
50. I have an Uncle who is 10 years younger than me.
51. My children have a nephew.
52. The sex of our new baby is a BOG. Boy or Girl!! We love to be surprised!!
53. I love to eat Lobster. Michael’s favorite food is lamb.
54. I loved to make my own spaghetti sauce before I got married. Michael doesn’t like my sauce so I just use Ragi.
55. I used to try to be the fixer in my family. So not worth it. Now I focus on my nuclear family!
56. I am totally and completely extroverted.
57. I love to socialize with people.
58. I love to have people over our house. Entertaining friends is great!
59. I struggle to keep our house clean having people over helps me to stay organized, somewhat.
60. I love to take the children on fun trips.
61. We are a homeschooling family!
62. Adriana will be in 1st grade this year.
63. My favorite color has been purple since I can remember. Michael doesn't have a favorite color.

64. I love to cook but not bake.
65. I did not read well until I taught myself in the military and have slowly gotten better through the years.
66. I am still a very slow reader.
67. I am diabetic. It runs on my father's side of the family.
68. I was baptized when I was 8. My mother wanted us to decide weather we wanted to be Catholic or not??
69. I choose to go to church on my own as a young girl but stopped in my Jr. High School years.
70. I started sought out getting confirmed going back to church when I was 15. My friends thought I was crazy to go of my own accord.
71. In those years my grandfather was praying for me and God’s grace was surrounding me.
72. I started to go to church regularly when I was 18 after I graduated from high schooling.
73. I have only missed a Sunday mass (due to illness) less than 5 times since High School.
74. Again my friends thought I was crazy to get up and go to mass on a Sunday morning. God’s Grace again!!!
75. I went on a Charismatic retreat, Cursillo, when I was 19 and in the military.
76. This was my complete reversion. It was one of the best decision I ever made. God's grace again!!
77. I am much more traditional and conservative now but am so grateful for my Cursillo start.
78. I have always been a black or white person. I am trying to be more open minded.
79. Our family loves pizza!! We eat pizza at least once a month.
80. My son is the white version of my brother so really looks like actually like my uncle Rick!
81. Both my children have their daddy’s elf hears!
82. I colored my hair red when I was in high school. I haven't colored my hair since I lived in Colored. My grandfather used to tell me if God wanted your hair red he would have made it that way.
83. Both of my mother’s parents are from Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.
84. I am obsessive/compulsive in so many ways!
85. I love to bargain shop but don’t always have time to do my deals.
86. I have had a cell phone or beeper since I was in High School.
87. I have had the same cell phone number for at least 10 years.
88. I love Internet computer stuff and have been addicted since I was in Iceland 1997.
89. My father’s father lives in Buffalo, NY.
90. My father’s family (mother and father) are from St. Paul, NC
91. My husband and I are both ½ French Canadian.
92. My children are ½ French Canadian, ¼ Irish, and ¼ African American!
93. I love my vocation of mother and wife!!!
94. We planned our first real garden this year. It has been pretty successful. Yummy
95. I spend too much time on
96. I hate to do laundry!!!! But try to do sanctify all my works.
97. We love Our Lord and he has been so good to our family!!!
98. We are so happy that through our marriage vows and the sacrament marriage God gives us the grace in our marriage!! We know that we will be together forever because of God’s grace!
99. We are hoping to grow our family business and we are actively working on taking it to its next steps.
100. I totally enjoyed coming up with this list of 100 things.

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