August 7, 2010

Adriana's Birthday in Maine

Happy Birthday Adriana!!

Adriana has been planning her birthday for months. She was really starting to make me crazy. Then I realized she gets that planning gene from her mother!!!! We changed the plan and decided to go to Maine but the basic idea stayed the same. We woke up this morning to start our day off with Mass. Adriana was so well behaved!!! Mass on birthday and feast days is a family tradition. Right after mass Adriana went with Daddy for a breakfast sandwich!!! That was the first event Adriana planned way back when she started planning her birthday!

I hope you had a great day!!!

Pre-Birthday Lobster

Birthday Prep - Making Cookies!

Birthday Breakfast and (defac) Coffee with Daddy!

Birthday Hike
Adriana planned for the family to go on a hike.

Adriana at the start of our hike.

Exploring the well!

Posing with Daddy!

Mama and her babies!!
Mama and her Birthday Girl!



James giving his sister flowers! Adorable

Adriana and her flowers

Garden pictures!

Barn Poses!!

Mama and James hiking!

I love bridge pictures!!

Daddy and the children by the river

Although the hike was Adriana's idea she got tired really fast and was so ready to go!! I decided to distract her but getting her to climb the fallen logs!!

Daddy taking the children on the log over the river! Makes Mama Crazy especially with James!

Adriana giving Mama heart failure walking across a log. Was this my ides!!!

Visiting the Warila's at Neddick Cape.

Nubble Lighthouse! It is just a speck in the picture :(

Daddy and the children walling on the rocks on Cape Neddick!!

Daddy and James walking the wall. Mama and James sitting on the wall!

I love this picture of Chris Hougham playing soccer with James!

James with Nubble Light behind him (yes that speck is Nubble Light). James and Monika playing!
Mama and Anne. Mama and Ellen!! Mama and both of her friends hanging in Maine!

Playing on the water slide!

Joe and James share!

Birthday cake shared with Mr. Warila. Thank you Mrs. Warila!! Blowing out candles!
Birthday Party at Nana's House
Horsey daddy!!

Adriana opening her presents. The best is the last and most exciting present!! She knew what it was because she picked it out but she was so excited to get it!!!

Playing and wearing birthday gifts!!!

Adriana's birthday cake by Cousin Sarah! Yummy!

Enjoying eating my birthday cake, Thanks cousin Sarah!!!

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