September 9, 2010

Dexter Drumlin Hilly Walk - Labor?

This afternoon the children and I went for a hilly walk up and down the Dexter Drumlin. We walked up the hill and down the other side, back up the hill and down the other side around the trail then up the hill one more time for the finally roll down the hill. Yes, I said roll down the hill, the children need something to look forward to when we are out walking and hiking. The roll down the hill was what they looked forward. It was a fun walk seeing signs of fall, trees with hanging branches and pretty grass patches!!

Adriana used to complain while on walks and hikes. I'm so glad she is getting much better at not complaining. The past three hikes/walks we have been on she wasn't complained once!! We really do enjoy family walks/hikes!

The hill that we walked!! The spot in the first picture is Adriana running up the hill. Adriana walking down the hill to meet James and I.

Mama and James pausing as we walked up the hill.

James running down the other side of the hill!

At the bottom of the hill!

Adriana and James rolling down the hill! The video is very funny!! Rolling is fun!

Hay a sign of fall.

I loved the look of this tree. I love trees when there branches hang down!

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Danielle Caouette Parrettie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Loved the video of the kids.