September 11, 2010

Clinton Olde Home Days

Family Fun at Clinton Olde Home Days

Another day of trying to get my mind off of not yet having a baby and walking this baby out!!! We love Clinton Olde Home Days and have gone every year for the past 3 or 4 years! I will say I'm glad we didn't miss it this year. We usually go in the mid morning but I had tons to do at home before we left so we go there just in time to see the second puppet show.

A local man, John McDonough, does really fun puppet shows. He makes his puppets! We usually see him several times in the summer but this was our first show this year! He does different shows but today we saw The Lion and the Mouse and Baby Gaga dancing!!!

They are so attentive at the puppet show

Baby Gaga got up and danced with all the children! He always has a large puppet dancing it is really fun!

Train Ride around the park!!

This year they had a new train. It is one of the things we have to do when we come to Olde Home Days!! Not to mention James and Adriana love trains!

They were able to choose one other ride to go on. They choose this active bouncy house although Adriana was not impressed, too many children bouncing around, hhuuummmmm! She also didn't like that she was in charge of James. She was crying when she got out because she could make James climb up the wall. What a sweet big sister. He appeared seconds later!! He enjoyed the adventure!

Animal Adventure

Animal Adventure seems to be a really fun local animal education center. We meet the couple that runs it several years ago and wanted to go ever since. Adriana would probably enjoy it but it really isn't a girly place so I have been waiting for James for get a little bigger to invite some of his little friends. We have a way to go! It is pretty neat because Ed rescues animals. They told us he has 15 crocodiles and 3 alligators or vice versa!! All rescued!!! Check out his website here.

Adriana and Princess Aurora

Adriana really wanted to see all the characters but only saw a few. She was really disappointed that she missed Moo-Moo the Davis Farmland cow!!! I don't know why she loves that cow!
It was a fun afternoon and I was completely exhausted but the end of the day. There are tons of vendors and local businesses but it is not too big, I guess that is why I love going!! Finally we went home for dinner popcorn and a movie!!

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