September 12, 2010

Murphy Invasion

James has decided that he is Peto Murphy (aka Peter Murphy). If he is Peto the rest of us in the family must be Murphy's too. Mama you are Murphy, Ma Murphy (aka Peg Murphy), Daddy you Joey, Martha downstairs (this morning). although sometime Nana is Maggie. Daddy is just wondering why mama gets to be Ma Murphy and he as to be the youngest Murphy in the family?!! Sorry of all the other Murphy's not named we just don't have that many people in our family or I think he would have gone do the list of you! I guess you can say James knows his God family intimately! :)

In fact if you call James, James, he says "I Peto!" If you don't hear him he will say "I AM Peto!"

Yes it seems we have adopted a cat!! The cat walked in when Michael took out the trash. He/she likes our house and proved him/herself yesterday when he/she killed a mole or mouse!! I have seen less of the mouse since the cat has occasionally come into the house. James saw it first the cat with the mouse, wow!! The cat is killing a mouse. Everyone ran outside and found James was not joking!!! Don't worry Rebecca if we do adopt it it will be an outdoor cat!

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