September 12, 2010

Movie Night: Cars

Cars the Movie: One thumb up!

It is a fairly harmless movie but I really hate the innuendos used. Why is adult comedy used in children's movies?!?! Yes it went over our children's heads but I hate thinking about it. My husband viewed this movie so I was watching it for the first time with the children. With that in mind the beginning was disappointing to me and I thought I would hate the movie because of all the pride!!! Lighting McQueen did learn in the end that winning was not everything. It turned out positive and I do recommend this movie beginning prepared to talk about pride and it's negative effects. I was surprised that even Adriana enjoyed this movie and it was entertaining for all. It may be found in our movie catalog some day. Another Disney movie I hate to say we enjoyed.

Just a reminder of the Us Bishops Rating:
The USCCB Office for Film & Broadcasting classification is A-I -- general patronage.

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