September 10, 2010

Love is St Benedict Abbey

Why is love the St. Benedict Abbey

Tonight I could not decide what in the world we were going to have for dinner. I was exhausted, couldn't really think, and I have lost all ability of doing day to day activities, you have to love post date pregnancy! Daddy was working at St. Ann's House (next door neighbors to the abbey) so why not drive up to the abbey and have dinner. This is why the abbey is love, where else can you invite yourself to dinner? Then after dinner have an enjoyable conversation with a Benedictine monk (great priest). Then the next day attend mass, confession, and receive a baby blessing from another great priest!!! Thanks to Fr. James for a fun filled conversation and Thanks for Fr. Marc for another baby blessing!! This is why the abbey is love and WE LOVE the ABBEY!!!!!

The beautiful sun set we saw from the Abbey parking lot. James fell asleep so Adriana and I decided to pray our rosary while we waited for daddy.

Adriana getting ready to go into the Abbey for dinner!

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