September 6, 2010

Labor Day Hike

WE took a hike to help induce labor on Labor Day!!!
No labor but a fun hike anyway!

Why the children wore jackets on a hike I will never know. I told them not to!

Adriana and Daddy playing in and on the trees.

Children running in the woods.

We ran into this fun bridge. Adriana literally tripped into the bridge falling head first along side it! She got up and shock it off. Luckily she didn't fall into the water!

Sitting on the Bridge!

Mama on the Bridge

Relaxing on the Bridge! Mama knew if she sat down she would never get up!!

Playing and watching Daddy play on the rocks in the water. Daddy loves to explore and the children want to do everything he does!!

James sitting on a tree stump!

We are log walkers!

Where is Adriana?

We are tree climbers. We Daddy encouraging her Adriana wrapped her legs around this tree and started climbing! Daddy followed almost taking the tree down as mama said he would. Then James got his turn. He is learning to climb on hike adventures!!

Posing in a tree mama thought was pretty! James is really climbing the stone walk behind the tree!

One of the best parts of going for a hike is all the fun exploring that comes with it. It was a beautiful day and not to buggy. I love hikes in the fall.

Vidoe to be uploaded later!

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