January 23, 2008

Tongue Lashing for Daddy

We had three appointments yesterday. This started daddy off in a bad mood. No work and no activity. Just when you think he is over it angry rears it's head in daddy again. It never matters what mama or Adriana do. Our sensitive daughter Adriana tries everything to make daddy better. Mama just ignores daddy and tries not to let him put her in a bad mood. After our family rosary daddy finally realized how miserable he was making the rest of the household. Thank you Mary!!! Has he was apoligizing for his moodiness his daughter decided to give him a good tongue lashing. "Daddy Our Lord does like when you get angry at us. You should ask Our Lord to help you to be nice to us daddy. I know it's hard daddy but next time just ask Our Lord." Aren't children so funny. It is all true and good to be reminded of but sometimes we don't want to hear it from a 3 year old. Wise for her age.

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Rebecca Urban said...

That's cute :-) I just answered the "poll" on the right-hand side of your blog. I think you're having a BOY! But I did guess incorrectly the gender of my own child, so we'll see! But I still think you're having a BOY! :-)