January 11, 2008

Eion Cloweion McGloweion

Who's Eion Cleion McGleion?

Adriana has a friend named Eion (pronounced Owen). Eion was a sister name Clara, Adriana also plays with Clara. Over the summer Adriana began to call them Cleion, silly. Later she decided that only Eion was Cleion. Recently, she was all excited that she was going to see Cioci (pronounced chuchee)Anne, who is Eion and Clara's mom, and started to list everyone she was going to see along with Cioci: Uncle Peadar(pronounced pather), Clara, Baby Joseph, and Eion Cleion McGleion. Can you beleive she came up with a whole name for Eion. Yes, this made mama and daddy laugh alot.

Adriana sitting on Eion Cleion McGleion.

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