January 26, 2008

Baby Shower.

I had the most wonderful Baby Shower ever. My friends good Anne and Michelle put it all together for me. They came over a few hours early to set up. Michael and I hung back a assisted in getting the proper trayers which were neccessary. It was a nice time to spend with Michelle and Anne and everything slowly came together. Then the guest started coming. All I can say about the guests is I could never have selected a better group of people. Many people were invited and many more would have fit in lovely but this group got along so great. They were all playing an interactive game which made everyone talk to everyone. My dear friend Tara loves to compete and was so into the game the when my friend Peg (Baby Niall's Godmother) came in she just started talking to her like she had known her for ever. Both of them being good friends of mine I thought maybe they had met at some event I had held before. No Tara went up to Peg gave her a big hug and asked her if she could recite the first three lines of the "Star Spangled Banner" Peg being who she is loved the intro and floor, she bellowed the first three lines. I'm so glad I didn't miss that. Everyone gave such wonderful gifts and Adriana enjoyed playing with the babies. She's preparing for her own baby to be born soon. She also loved all the attention she got from Miss Tara and Miss Sarah. Miss Tara read her a story or two or three. The clean us crew was great. They even stayed to take a finally picture.

Mama and Heather good time friends.

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