January 18, 2008

Changing Dinner and Pizza Night!!!!

Dinner this week has been so off. I think tonight is the only night we are having what was on the dinner menu, PIZZA!!!!! I love PIZZA NIGHT!!! It is even better than leftover night, no prep, no heating, NO THINKING, just pick and eat. LOVE IT!!!!
We had pasta on Tuesday instead of Monday, Saturday was Lamb, Sunday potluck and leftovers the rest of the week. Can you believe we still have enough leftovers to eat leftover tomorrow night too. The best thing about having a dinner menu is that you shop to it and have all the ingredients you need on had. But being pregnant we make alot of substitutions. I love to be able to look at my menu and pull out dinner when I'm not too tire. We'll have chilli tomorrow night even though we have enough food for leftover. At least that is my plan right now.

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