January 15, 2008

Adriana at Gymnastics

Adriana has been in gymnastics for a year now. She loves it. This is a parent and tot class. She is really good and we really enjoy watching her. Today was the last day of this session. Mama and daddy both went to class with her to take some pictures. Daddy is a really good coach. He will be taking Adriana next session because it would be too hard for mama to take her with a newborn. Check out her vidoes and how good daddy coaches her.
Daddy coaching Adriana.

Adriana does really well on the bar. She used to flip her hands once she started to flip but now she is doing it without fiipping those hands. It is amazing to see her improvement.

Adriana got really strong over the summer, once we came back from summer break she was able to do the rings with no problem. She is supposed to land on her feet which she can do but when she tries to go to fast it doesn't happen. She was going fast.

I'm really not sure what benefit this has on the body for gymnastics but Adriana loved it and had a blast being rolled. Yes she is a big amusement park girl.


Rebecca Urban said...

What fun! Adriana is quite the gymnast! What great videos! Thanks for sharing! Video blogging is so great! It's such a nice thing to do for friends and family members, because it makes us feel like we're actually there! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

good job, Adriana!