January 7, 2008

Dinner in January

When friends come to my house they are usually most interested in the dinner calendar I have my fridge. We didn't have a calendar up in December because of the move. That made life crazy. I find it most helpful to know every night what I'm having for dinner. Otherwise my family either eats really late or my husband makes a lot of dinners. My mind works best this way. I love it. I know what to take out of the freezer in the morning. It is also great for food shopping. We do sometimes change the schedule if necessary. Tonight for instance I pulled out steak instead of hamburger, pregnancy brain. Can't really have a Sheppard’s Pie with Steaks so I made steak and cheese, Michael opted for leftovers and Adriana wanted a hot dog. We only eat the all natural beef hot dogs. It was easy to improvise once the dinner was planned for and there was NO STRESS. I learned this from one of the book Saving Dinner, Leanne Ely. Check out her website http://www.savingdinner.com/. I have the book but her dinner's a little to complicate for me so I use my on calendar but it is the same idea. Because I'm due in February and learned from my December mistake I already have my dinner schedule done for February and March. Here is what's for dinner in January? Check out dinner menu at the botton of blog.

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Rebecca Urban said...

Yes, meal planning is essential, and Savingdinner.com is a wonderful resource. I subscribe to the FlyLady & Leanne's weekly podcast. They're a good team. I recently purchased an e-book of Leanne's crock-pot recipes - a must for nursing mothers with new babies.