April 21, 2011

{A Really Real Holy Week}

I love this {Really Three} 3 Year old.  While the other two children were sick and down for the count he was running.  He was the first one to show symptoms of a sickness and the first one two recover.  He didn't think he was sick (vomiting doesn't make him sick) nor does falling asleep like this:

in the middle of a day.  My really real Holy Week started on Monday evening with my three sick children blogged about here and the short lived quiet day (really half day ) blogged about here.  In a two day time frame I changed at least 20 diapers (only one in diapers), bummy wipe uncountable, runs to the kitchen for ice, drinks, crackers and  toast, checked temperatures a million times.  I promise between getting children what they needed and trying to entertain the bored three year old I was exhausted. 

If the children were not sick this week I might have worked on this real pile of clean laundry

But what really makes me {Happy} is the report of a clean desk

Update from last weeks real. 

{Pretty and Funny}
Yesterday after I finally made James go outside he came in after picking this pretty flower. I'm not sure where it came from I don't remember seeing them in our yard but  they probably are.  It is just funny how they can make us so crazy but love us so much that they see something pretty and want to give it to us.   He is still learning what he an and can not pick but it put a smile on my face. 

Just plain {Fun}
Our makeshift pack and play used in our friends yard.  Thomas was happily playing. 


Holly @ Three Sided Wheel said...

Hope the little guys recover soon! I'm so stealing the pack-n-play idea :)

Lisa said...

You have such cute children! And a pretty home. But your Holy Week has been one of suffering. Still, the Resurrection is coming - may you all be well and happy on Easter Sunday!

Adrianne said...

@Holly, Thanks I hope they are better by Easter!
@Lisa Thank you too!